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In this time of globalization and mass culture, we at ALTAFORM stand against mass production and maximum economic return. Our mission is to make memorable, contemporary furniture, filled with a spirit and quality of the past. We try not to follow the standard canons, yet we are inspired by mid-century-modern Scandinavian and Italian style schools – one can find their influence in the design of Essence writing desks, Whisper tea tables, and Euphoria mirrors.


A European visitor to our showroom once cited the resemblance of the Essence Classic desk to his father’s old desk, which he still remembers from his happy childhood days. He felt a similarity in the product’s vibe and quality, proportions, and attention to details.


A Canadian buyer of the Euphoria series noted that he has not seen contemporary mirrors framed in brass for a long time. He stressed how rare such mirrors are today, as there are some manual production challenges in precisely fitting a sheet of brass to the mirror. This is why the historic pieces from thirties to fifties are in constant demand at auctions, with prices topping thousands a piece.

Дизайнерская мебель из металла и стекла

The lifespan of a piece of furniture has shortened dramatically over the last several decades, with interior items often disposed of after just 10 years of use. Mass-produced furniture is strictly utilitarian – it rarely serves consecutive generations. As a company, we see our mission in making original, contemporary furniture, which people will view as a part of their identity, and as a long-term family investment, to pass on to future generations.


ALTAFORM is guided by two basic principles: The first relates to marketing – instead of targeting the greater public, our task is to offer unique, authentic, high-quality products, to a narrow segment of the market. The second principle belongs in the domain of design choice.  The aesthetically uniform products of ALTAFORM pursue the “Less is more” principle of concise and measured expression. Whether it’s our furniture, website or catalog, the products use simple, verified forms to deliver the message.

Дизайнерский табурет киев

We seldom use the term “minimalism” since it does not fully convey the mood that we aspire to create. We’d like to think of our style as of unlikely combination of contradictions – where minimalism is cozy, direct sharp forms are naturally attenuated by softer, rounded details, where the attraction is an outcome of restraint and modern goes hand in hand with traditional.


Locally, our products are bought by designers, creative professionals, IT managers, and those who are globally minded and well-traveled. Altaform is viewed by our clients as an investment into bespoke home comfort.

дизайнерский письменный стол киев

Given the style, we don’t really encounter a lot of competition in Ukraine. The other options are high-quality furniture by the foreign brands. Their products are rarely available locally, and average delivery times are generally three to four months; import premiums also increase prices substantially. ALTAFORM positions itself in between the domestic and Western manufacturers, by keeping lead times down to one to two months on average, and offering appealing pricing for items of European quality and style.


Our products were not conceived to be produced en masse – they require expertise, time, targeted promotion to the audience that would appreciate the technical complexity behind visual simplicity. A general motif of our collections is a constant pursuit of moderation, backed by pervasive attention to functionality and lovely details.