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ALTAFORM has significantly refreshed its Essence desk collection with smaller sizes, expanded storage options and a number of “smart” functions.

As of November 2018, the standard (non-custom) desktop range is comprised of the following sizes:


  • –  1200 х 700 (mm) / 472″ x 275″


  • –  1400 х 780 (mm) / 551″ x 307″


  • –  1550 х 800 (mm) / 610″ x 315″


  • –  1650 х 820 (mm) / 649″ x 323″



We have also introduced a new, 2-piece desk set of a 1200 х 780 mm desk (472″ x 307″) and a 450 x 780 mm side pedestal (177” x 307”).

ALTAFORM desks with USB ports
Essence Classic Dark desk with side pedestal

The pedestal has several variables to choose from: The two-drawer version can be ordered with side rails for a suspended file system. Alternatively, customers can opt for a 3-drawer version. Both variants are identical on the outside, yet the latter features an additional hidden drawer, which can be outfitted with a mini-lock.

Suspended file storage
Optional rails for suspended files
3 drawer pedestal by ALTAFORM
HPL decorated pedestal from Essence collection
desk with multiple drawers

There are three ways to configure the pedestal’s back. The standard version has a rear compartment with two shelves to stash items away. It can also be altered to host a small form-factor PC or a set-top box. This scheme requires an additional wall and shelf perforation for better thermals and cabling.


Finally, if the set is placed away from a wall, we can cover the pedestal’s back with a blank panel.

Essence Classic and Essence Trendy are the two style lines. The former combines a laminated top and a lacquered base. The latter adds additional lamination to the façade and side bars. The Essence Classic set with vinyl tops is a custom option.


Item heights range from 760 mm to 810 mm, with default 780 mm (307”).  Taller desks are generally recommended for the swivel armchairs. The set is equipped with height-adjusted screw feet to ensure even surfaces and a minimal gap between the two pieces.

Essence desk collection
Essence Classic Dark desk (on the left) and Essence Trendy Dark desk (on the right)

Another new feature is the USB port integration, which allows for convenient charging of smartphones and other gadgets. Two USB 2 Type A (F) ports are flushed into the desk front or side bar.


Hidden cables are routed inside support beams and link embedded ports with the power strip. The soft-close drawers are mounted on hidden rails. An uncluttered front makes the round key lock décor piece a visual center and a signature of the family.

Desks with integrated USB ports
USB 2 Type A (F) integrated ports to charge your gadgets

Another “smart” option is a compact white or black power strip, which can be ordered with the desk. It offers three power sockets and three USB ports (two are used by embedded desk ports).

Xiaomi power strip for ALTAFORM desks
Compact power strip in relation to the Essence desk key

A power strip tray retains its sliding function, yet was redesigned to simplify plug insertion. A host of new features is rounded up by a cable pass-through, which can be ordered on a side or middle of the desktop.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) derives from natural, durable materials such as pressed paper and resin. HPL is an excellent décor choice given its resistance to oil and ink stains, and its phase-shifting nanostructure can recover easily from scratches and dents to bring the surface back to its original condition.


With over twenty HPL and vinyl décor colors to choose from, a diverse array of colour combinations are available to suite most design needs.

HPL color swatches for ALTAFORM desks and tables
Standard HPL color options for ALTAFORM Essence desks

Produced by expert carpenters, this premium designer desk collection features quality materials such as select solid maple, plywood, maple veneer and HPL décor. The desks are priced at 1199-1499USD retail (excluding shipping costs).



The pedestal is offered starting at 1199USD retail (base configuration, excluding shipment cost).  A set of desk and pedestal is offered at a promo price of 2199USD retail.

pen tray for desk
Pen tray in matching color comes bundled with the desk
Designer desk with USB ports
Side-integrated USB ports on the Essence Trendy Dark desk
Lovely designer desk
Total countertop size is 1650 x 780 mm

Production lead time varies from two to four weeks. Unlike Essence desks, which are shipped with detached legs, single pedestals are normally delivered pre-assembled.


We offer preferential pricing and project discounts to architects, designers and retailers. Demo samples are available upon request. ALTAFORM’s Essence collection is available internationally. Email us if you would like to buy, resell or produce the collection in your country.