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For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a deep fondness for all things design related, from graphics to industrial and interior design, and architecture. And a career in the hi-tech industry provided me with the opportunity to further explore and develop these interests, by taking me to countries such as Italy, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden.



My years living in Italy were foundational for me, given the very recognizable importance this country places on design. I was always fascinated and impressed by the level of attention and detail,  Italian designers would bring to something as simple as a hinge on a door, or a small handle on a cupboard. Frequent travels to Scandinavia opened even further opportunities for me to evolve and refine my tastes, and also exposed me to the fact that good design can be democratic, affordable, and a part of one’s everyday life.



My foray into furniture design ultimately came to fruition after I moved into a new apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, where I was confronted with the problem of not being able to find furniture pieces that met my exacting tastes and standards on the budget I had in mind. At this point in life I was no longer willing to settle for proxy items that would serve me until I found exactly what I was looking for. I concluded that there was the possibility I’d never really find what I wanted locally, unless I designed it myself. And that’s how Altaform was born. Item-by-item, over many months, my sketches evolved into CAD drawings and 3D visualizations of the furniture that in part is offered today by Altaform.

Алексей Нечуятов | Alexey Nechuyatov

I spent time seeking out the right person to execute my designs, and eventually met Valery Kchodakovsky in 2015. Lengthy and impassioned discussions between us about form and function, materials and finishes forged an alliance, which has committed itself with producing unique, high quality, and globally competitive furniture in Ukraine, a perhaps seemingly unlikely place for the development of world-class furniture. Yet, excitingly, recent advancements in Ukrainian interior design and architecture, showcased in numerous articles in publications, such as Design Milk and Houzz, and the latest awards presented to Kiev-based design studios show great promise as an environment for Altaform to flourish, and satisfy the growing demand for a unique homeowner identity.



Altaform’s select portfolio of furniture and interior accessories is comprised of elegant and original contemporary pieces, which exhibit the unmistakable quality and craftsmanship of artisanal workshops of the past. Our style is a masterful fusion of antonyms – we make minimalism warm and cosy; we strike a balance between modern and traditional, and we keep production numbers low, so your furniture pieces will feel much like limited edition art works.



We work with native Ukrainian and Russian craftsmen with over 90 years of combined experience in furniture making. A general motif of our collections is the constant pursuit of moderation and unpretentious luxury, backed by relentless attention to functionality and detail.  Our brand is the opposite of mass production.  Furniture is our art.




Alexey Nechuyatov

Founder and designer