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Regardless of what we call it, the tea-, coffee- or decorative table is a mandatory, practical and visual anchor piece of every functional living space. Yet finding an original piece for my new living room in Kiev was a challenge. A lot of styles, shapes, materials, and finishes that I can find online, are normally unavailable or take extra effort to import to the Ukraine.


Determined to create my very own original piece, I aimed for an elegant, yet simple visual focal point for the living room, suitable for a variety of interiors, ranging from bachelor minimalism to classic contemporary.


The final prototype resulted in an elegant, airy impression. I chose  “Whisper” as a name, intentionally bringing a hint of contradiction to contrast with its solid, heavy materials.


The combination of the table top without a lower shelf, and angled legs, allows for enough room to stretch your legs for greater comfort. The absence of lower deck can potentially save the legs from accidental impact, adding to the overall ergonomics of this collection.

журнальный столик киев
Whisper Gold Table

Looking from above the table, one can see that the steel feet span just 5 mm beyond the table top perimeter –  an advantage over some mid-century-modern-style tables, which have spread legs, and can create the potential for foot-impact incidents.


Ergonomics apart, Whisper tables are reliable. The base is made of a 12 x 12 mm black or stainless steel parts, with the latter enabling exterior use. Steel studs are utilized to connect the two longitudinal beams of the welded and polished table top. Adding to its overall soundness, a heavy, 10 mm-thick tempered glass top rests solidly upon the steel base.


We use transparent 3M silicone bumpers with suction to avoid accidental shearing of the glass table top. This mounting solution provides a minimalist and almost invisible look, and in a contrast to a glued-top design one just flips the glass top to clean its bottom, instead of having to crouch under the table with a cloth.

Декоративный столик Киев
Whisper Black table

We chamfer all glass edges for added safety, yet we do advise purchasers evaluate potential risks of having such table in a setting with small children.


It should be noted that the overall stylistic effect of the table changes, depending on the finish. Our black coated and polished stainless steel version carries a more minimalist, architectural message, while pale gold and copper versions exude classic luxury. Similarly with the glass tops, the dark tint reinforces Whisper’s modern elements, while the clear glass creates a more traditional mood. A choice of finishes makes Whisper a welcome addition to both domestic and commercial spaces, as well as many other types of institutions.


The load of the table is around 12 kilograms, and plastic foot tabs are included to safeguard wood and laminate floors from potential scratches. Still, given the tiny leg footprint we do recommend lifting the  table to move it, in order to avoid damaging your floor.


At this time, Whisper tables are offered by ALTAFORM in three primary finishes and in polished stainless steel version. They are made to order with 30 to 45 days lead time.